When Braylin Baily Cums I Win
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When Braylin Baily Cums I Win

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Braylin Bailey is washing clothes and daydreaming about something more fun. Her boyfriend, Apollo Banks, is there to help when he walks up behind her and starts touching her in the perfect way. Braylin’s response is instant and enthusiastic, and Apollo doesn’t hesitate to take things further. He eases Braylin onto the couch and then kneels between her thighs. Using his teeth to pull Braylin’s thong aside, he goes for a pussy feast. Braylin doesn’t need to be asked twice to abandon the laundry. She tugs Apollo’s pants down until his hardon pops free. Dropping to her knees, she wraps a hand around the root and then leans forward to start sucking and licking. Every inch of Apollo’s hardon is game for Braylin’s tongue as she takes her time blowing him. Once she has had enough cock sucking, Braylin gets on her feet and leans forward over the couch arm. Apollo is right there to take her from behind. He slides home nice and deep, taking Braylin to the top in a few hotblooded thrusts. Picking his lover up, he takes her to the kitchen island where he gives her pussy a good lick before sliding home once again.

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Braylin Bailey

Braylin Bailey