The Beautiful Mona Blue is Bound By Love
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The Beautiful Mona Blue is Bound By Love

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Pretty blonde Mona Blue wins a game of rock-paper-scissors with Muggle, but her contest goals aren’t so innocent. Andrei Lupin’s Bound By Love Erotic When the first episode of her series begins, Mona teases him by tying her Mugur wrists to the arms of his chair and running bare feet on his chest, then masturbates as she masturbates. Let me see you do the deed. Trembling with her excitement, her blue-eyed babe takes off her white panties and stuffs them into her lover’s mouth, unwinds her jeans and wraps them around her hard cock, making him jerk. Her footjob drives him crazy and finally she kneels down and sensually sucks his cock. Mona sits on a chair astride Mughur, penetrates his erection and rides hard while staring him in the eye until he is overcome with a hard orgasm. She turns and transforms into a reverse cowgirl, her perfect ass bouncing on Mugur’s lap. Now it’s her turn to be tied up…

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Mona Blue

Mona Blue

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