Simon Kitty Saturday Morning Bliss
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Simon Kitty Saturday Morning Bliss

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Simon Kitty Saturday Morning Bliss

Nubile Films Busty Simon Kitty awakens in the morning to discover that her bed is empty. Her boyfriend, Thomas Stone, is seated on the couch engrossed in his laptop, working. Simon attempts to persuade Thomas to return to bed, but he requests a few more minutes to complete his tasks. Simon turns away from Thomas and removes her nightie, leaving her in only her underwear. She climbs into bed and positions herself in Thomas’s line of sight. Letting her knees part, she slides her hand down to pleasure herself. Thomas can no longer resist watching. He joins Simon on the bed, pulls aside her panties, and indulges in pleasuring her.

Discovering Simon’s wetness and desire, he eagerly consumes her essence. He then proceeds to stimulate her with his fingers, preparing her for their intimate encounter. Once Simon is adequately prepared, Thomas positions himself behind her. He enters her from the back, spooning her for their mutual pleasure while fondling her breasts. Simon savours her own juices from Thomas’s erect member, before taking charge and turning him onto his back.

She climbs on top, riding him in the reverse cowgirl position with her head thrown back and her breasts bouncing energetically. Simon lies on her back, lifting one leg onto Thomas’s shoulder, and opens herself up to him. They engage in passionate lovemaking in the doggy-style position, leaving Simon squealing in ecstasy. After giving Thomas one last oral pleasure, Simon assumes a position of dominance as she rides him in the cowgirl position, bringing herself to a state of bliss.

Finally satiated, Simon turns her focus to satisfy Thomas. She eagerly performs oral sex, employing her hands and breasts to heighten his pleasure. When Thomas reaches climax and ejaculates onto her breasts, Simon playfully licks her fingers clean, expressing her satisfaction without words.

Simon Kitty Saturday Morning Bliss

Busty Simon Kitty wakes up to find her boyfriend, Thomas Stone, working on his laptop on the couch. She tries to convince him to come back to bed, but he asks for a few more minutes to finish his work. Simon undresses, leaving only her underwear, and gets into bed, positioning herself in Thomas’s line of sight. She begins pleasuring herself while Thomas watches. Unable to resist, Thomas joins her on the bed, indulging in oral sex. He then fingers her vigorously to prepare her. Finally, Thomas enters Simon from behind, both enjoying the intimate spooning position as he fondles her breasts.

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Simon Kitty

Simon Kitty

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