SexArt Beautiful Couple having Beautiful Sex
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SexArt Beautiful Couple having Beautiful Sex

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SexArt Beautiful Couple having Beautiful Sex

As Andrej Lupin’s sizzling hot “Backlash” begins, gorgeous Lady Bug dresses in beautiful black lingerie to entice boyfriend Michael Fly away from his cellphone. Lady gains Michael’s complete attention as she grabs his free hand and runs it over her flawless body. They kiss passionately, and she straddles him, stripping down to her underwear.

Lady removes Michael’s shorts and massages his massive, rigid cock as she pulls aside the bedsheets. With the tip of her tongue, she laps at the head, then sucks it hard and rubs it between her lovely breasts. Lady peels off her pantyhose and gazes deeply into Michael’s eyes as she rubs her pussy repeatedly along his shaft, then feeds it inside, moaning with delight as she begins to ride slowly, taking it in her stride.

As the overwhelming sensations drive her insane, she quickly ups the tempo, moaning loudly as she bumps and grinds. As she bounces vigorously, pert ass cheeks jiggling, she rotates around into reverse cowgirl, Michael satisfied to let her do all the work. As Michael strums her clit while she trembles on top of him, one strong orgasm is immediately followed by another. The transition to missionary work, Lady’s leg over Michael’s shoulder as he slams into her, making her climax on his cock again before shooting his hot load inside her. They kiss tenderly, any “Backlash” between them well and truly fucked away.

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