PureTaboo Natasha Nice London River Happy Household

PureTaboo Natasha Nice London River Happy Household

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PureTaboo Natasha Nice London River Happy Household

Anne (Natasha Nice) is in a cafe with her friend Claudia (London River). She has a chance to chat for the first time in a while and they both briefly converse, including whining about how much she hates her messy house. But when they stumble upon a topic on their favourite TV show and disagree, they make a bet with each other. To make things even more interesting, the loser must spend her week cleaning the opponent’s house. Unfortunately for Anne, she is a loser and the next day she plans to clean Claudia’s house, but Anne has no idea that this seemingly harmless gamble will change her life forever.

When Anne shows up at Claudia’s house, she is greeted by both Claudia and her husband Mitch (Seth Gamble). True to her word, she begins cleaning her house as Claudia and Mitch look on. Anne is a little shy at first, but the thought of her service being watched by others makes her strangely aroused and sparks something new within her. Curiosity grows stronger, and later that week Mitch also starts flirting with her when Claudia isn’t around…

A little guilty and worried about Claudia, Anne approaches her and admits that Mitch was watching her. But instead of being angry with her, Claudia is more worried about Anne. Anne is somewhat vague when she admits that despite being married to Claudia, she gets a little bit of attention.

Claudia is still calm and unfazed, but she begins to sneak up on Anne in her own flirtatious ways. She admits that the couple actually enjoys her cleaning and she has crazy thoughts: What if Anne NAKED cleans for them?

Ann was shocked by the proposal, which went far beyond her comfort zone and didn’t expect her friend to say it. However, Claudia didn’t force her to think about it when Ann went out for the day.

Anne takes some time to think about it, but the excitement doesn’t go away…but she’ll either quit this nonsense now or give in to temptation and find herself in a position she didn’t know she had. Will you discover a new side of

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London River

London River

London River is an American porn star and adult model. She is known for her BDSM performances. Breasts enlarged from natural C-cup to DD-cup in 2017.
Natasha Nice

Natasha Nice

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