PureTaboo Hook Line And Sinker

PureTaboo Hook Line And Sinker

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PureTaboo Hook Line And Sinker, Maggie (Codi Vore) waits for a cab outside a club but is having no luck getting one. A man, Kyle (Jay Romero), comes out of the same club, also trying to get a cab. They strike up a conversation, and Kyle tells Maggie that he is a soldier. This is his last night on leave before he is deployed for six months the next morning. Maggie is impressed with his bravery and devotion to duty.

The sexual tension between them begins to grow, as Kyle talks about wanting to make every moment count since he doesn’t know what could happen to him out there. With the sexual tension mounting, Maggie falls for Kyle’s charms. She flirtatiously suggests that they share a cab, and invites Kyle back to her place. As soon as they arrive at Maggie’s loft, they start making out, unable to keep their hands off of each other. Maggie gives Kyle a memorable experience before he has to leave. A few weeks later, Maggie is in a cafe, and she is shocked to see Kyle come in through the door.

She confronts Kyle about him still being in town. He tries to give an excuse, but Maggie refuses to fall for it, so Kyle admits that he is not a soldier, and is actually a tax auditor. He frequently uses his ‘soldier’ story to pick up women. Much to his surprise, Maggie says she isn’t mad, since she enjoyed the sex. The sexual tension begins to grow between them again, and Maggie suggests that they go back to Kyle’s place, since it turns out that he lives nearby. Kyle can’t believe his good fortune, and as soon as they arrive at Kyle’s house, he and Maggie are unable to keep their hands off each other. But he’s not the only one who’s lying, and HER truth could have serious consequences for him…


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Codi Vore

Codi Vore