Nubile Films Roommate Tension

Nubile Films Roommate Tension

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Nubile Films Roommate Tension.

Tensions rise between new roommates Alex Coal and Liv Revamped. When Liv comes back from the gym one day to see Alex pouring coffee in just his shirt and thong, she can’t help but check on Alex. Alex finds out, and the roommates have a quick conversation about relieving tension at the gym and de-stressing with masturbation.
Speaking of tension and stress, we both feel it. In their own rooms, they slide their hands down to caress their boobs and down to play with their clits. Liv thinks she’s just holding her horn, but when she hears Alex walking down the hall, she decides to go see what’s going on. Liv sneaks into her Alex’s room to see how she’s doing and puts her hand back on the leash.
The next day, Liv comes out to chat while Alex is folding laundry in her living room. They talk about how she doesn’t like wearing her thong outside the house because Liv is shy, while Alex loves feeling sexy and hot. She lets Liv try on her thong and grabs Liv’s ass to prove her roommate is so sexy and confident.
Liv is still shy, so Alex tries to level up. She suggests they masturbate together to help Liv feel even more confident. But when she puts her LIiv in bed, Alex changes her plans. She gives Liv a nice kiss while her hands tickle Liv’s body from her tits to her cooch. Alex slides down the path his hands just lit and sits between Liv’s thighs to taste her roommate’s sweet cream.
Liv then pampers Alex by pulling Alex’s tits out of her shirt. Hard sucking on Alex’s nipples is her next class, but Liv doesn’t stop there. In no time, she takes off her roommate’s shorts and puts her hands all over Alex’s plump ass. This leaves them both naked from the waist down so they can move from cunt to cunt while rubbing their clits with enthusiastic rubbing.
Alex kneels and uses words and body language to help Liv eat her properly. She leaves nothing on her table while making sure Liv knows she’s doing a great job. As Alex happily begins to lift her hips, she lies on her back and pulls Liv to her for Lesbian 69. This epic finale leaves both girls cringing and their newfound roommates satisfy the relationship.

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Alex Coal

Alex Coal

Liv Revamped

Liv Revamped

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