My Hot Girlfriend Luxury Girl Kristina Sweet

My Hot Girlfriend Luxury Girl Kristina Sweet

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Are you ready for a very special interactive girlfriend experience? The one & only Luxury Girl is here and she’s more than willing to spend a wonderful day with you as your hot girlfriend! Kristina Sweet simply loves being around you. She instantly gets horny and naughty, whenever she can feel your hungry eyes on her… how could you ever take your eyes off of her anyways?

Her perfect figure is full of lust and her favourite activity is having sex with you. Which you two will do a lot during this fantastic day. But let’s not stay home for long, since you have a surprise for your beloved Kristina: you are taking her out of town with the intention of fucking her all night in a very special hotel. Get ready: you will need your stamina for this and Kristina won’t let you rest much, that’s for sure.


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Kristina Sweet

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