Molly Little is Flavor of the Month

Molly Little is Flavor of the Month

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Molly Little is Flavor of the Month

Horny petite spinner Molly Little wants her stepbrother Oliver Flynn to creampie her. Standing in front of a full-length mirror in her bedroom, Molly wore increasingly provocative outfits on her first day of school. She takes Oliver to her room to give her opinion. At first, when Molly undresses, she tries not to look at Oliver. However, she is so open about it that Oliver finally gives in and stares at himself in disgust.

Oliver tries to fill the awkward silence and, after overhearing Molly telling a friend she wants Oliver to get her pregnant, asks if Molly was serious. She Molly was never kidding. When she asks Oliver if he wants to fuck, she points out that his mother might be watching and Molly is still into it, while she climbs onto the bed and weighs Oliver’s leg down. to fix. Molly reaches out her hand and begins stroking Oliver’s apparent hard-on. Oliver doesn’t need much persuasion to admit he really wants to bang his hot stepsister. Release Oliver’s stiffness and devour that cock like her own personal buffet As a permit, that’s all Molly needs.

Molly climbs on top of Oliver and slides down to cowgirl him. Oliver stays with her the whole time and helps her take off her shirt so she can get small perky tits and hard nipples. Molly sucks her own girl slime and lets her Oliver dominate. He can put Molly on her hands and knees and spank her tight little cunt in doggy style. He rolls her onto her back, spreads her thighs as wide as possible, and dives deep into that lustful pussy to take her breath away. Eating her Molly is the prelude to her final act. Molly goes back over to Oliver and fills her with her huge creampie hoping she will get pregnant.



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Molly Little

Molly Little

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