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Life Selector No More Heartache

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Life Selector No More Heartache. Everything seemed so perfect with Ginebra, your hot Spanish girlfriend. You were happy and free-spirited and she was curious about a lot of things… including having a threesome. So one day you came home with a beautiful young girl called Azure. She was a professional, who was meant to be a surprise… but in the end, you were the one being surprised. Ginebra left you and you must get over her. How about dating your cute assistant Alyssa? Or are you desperate enough to go back to your ex, Kinuski? The choice is yours to make.

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Kinuski Kakku Bio


Azure Angel Bio

Azure Angel

Ginebra Bellucci Bio

Ginebra Bellucci

Alyssa Reece Bio

Alyssa Reece

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