Life Selector Adventures of a Sex Addict
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Life Selector Adventures of a Sex Addict

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Life Selector Adventures of a Sex Addict. You have an above-average sex drive so it may happen that you meet other ladies besides your girlfriend. You are not proud of it, but it is what it is. Exactly that’s why you end up in Paola’s home, how lures you into a threesome. But what happens when your girlfriend learns about your adventures? And what will you do, when on the way home the firm but very feminine hand of the law catches you as you speed through the city? These are questions only you can find the answers to.

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Paola Hard Bio

Paola Hard

Tiffany Tatum Bio

Tiffany Tatum

Tiffany Tatum is a porn star from Hungary. In her career, she has worked with sites such as Private, Sapphic Erotica, A Girl Knows.
Sasha Rose

Sasha Rose

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