Sex Positions for Improving your Sex Life

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Sex is enjoyed by almost everyone, and many people would like to have more variety in their sex lives. However, because there is such a strong need to have sex, many people end up trying out different positions that they may not be interested in. This guide provides illustrations and information on various sex positions, so that you can find the one that is perfect for you.

Ahh Missionary, which has long been regarded as the “default sex position,” has a lot to offer beginners and those seeking more conventional sex. There are other small variations on it, though, that can increase the kink factor, enjoyment, and intensity for both lovers.


The most recognizable and traditional of all positions is the missionary position (man on top, couple facing each other). This is a common one because of the eye contact, the slight male control, and the angle of penetration, and chances are that you had sex for the first time while serving in a missionary position. There are many advantages to this highly comfortable position that makes thrusting and, if you’re a male, pulling out simple.

Coital Alignment Technique

The Coital Alignment Technique (C.A.T.), aka the Frog or the Perfect Position, positions partners for optimum clitoral stimulation, sacrificing elevation and power for proper positioning. Flattening your torso allows for more direct clitoral contact, while your partner should arch her legs and put her legs on your butt. This position is more for her pleasure than yours, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Coital Alignment Technique

Legs On Shoulders

This Missionary position gives the man complete control over the depth and speed of his thrusts, while also allowing him to penetrate deeply. It’s a great position to enjoy because it allows you to move more easily and feel more connected to your partner. If you’re able to grasp her legs and pull them in towards you, you’ll be able to penetrate even deeper and enjoy a more pleasurable experience.

The Pancake

This position is like being in the driver’s seat. You start by standing with your torso vertical, and her legs are on your shoulders. Slowly, you go down until you’re basically folding her in half. This position gives her more leverage, so she can control the movement. The pressure you’re putting on her muscles can also create a tightness in her pelvis, which can make sex feel even better for you. You should make sure she’s flexible enough to do this position, and be aware that you may only be able to do it for a few minutes.

The Viennese Oyster

Viennese Oyster position is great for deep penetration. She places both of her ankles behind her head, fully exposing her vulva, and folds her body into the shape of an oyster. He holds her ankles in place while she uses her free hands to prevent his body weight from crushing her contorted body. This is a great position for extra-deep penetration.

Spread Eagle

This type of bondage can be quite thrilling for those who are exploring kinkier options with their partner, as it allows for a more dominant role while still providing a lot of intimacy. With your partner spread eagle and restrained, you can take charge for a very steamy and powerful experience.

Dogs are more then just man’s best friend. They invented one of the best sex positions ever. Doggy style is especially popular because it allows for a lot of variation in positioning and can be great for role-playing. Plus, it’s often easier for women to stimulate their own clitoris in this position. So, if you’re looking for a fun and intimate way to get started with foreplay.


Doggy-Style is a favorite position for millions of people because it is the classic female submissive position and allows the man to be in control. There are many variations on Doggy-Style, including the simplest version where you kneel on the bed and your partner is on all fours. Enter her from behind and hold onto her hips and/or torso. If you want to add some roughness, you can pull on her hair or spank her. If you have a free hand, you can reach around her to her clitoris or play with her breasts.

Reach For the Sky

In Doggy-Style, you usually kneel down, but this version is different. You stand up and lean over her, which gives you a different sensation than when you’re kneeling. You also get a good workout in your hamstring and ankle muscles.

The Superhero

The Superman position provides an intense physical challenge that is not for the faint-hearted. However, it can provide an adrenaline rush as you approach your breaking point. Keep safety in mind and let her down gently when your strength starts to whine down.

Backdoor Planking

This position is good for people who like to have orgasms that come from different parts of their body. It’s also good for people who don’t have to do anything to have an orgasm. The woman lies on her stomach with her legs close together and a man penetrates her from behind. This position is easy for her and feels really good because her legs are close together.

Doggy-Style Stairs

If you want to try some new positions for anal or vaginal sex, the Doggy-Style sex on the stairs is a great option. It takes advantage of the natural inclination of stairs to create new angles and supports, which makes it easier for you to enter her from an upright angle. Plus, if you’re shorter than your partner, you can kneel on the steps to make the position even more comfortable. Just be careful not to fall!


Spooning may be one of the “cuddliest” positions, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be intense. You lie on your side, with your partner in front of you, facing away. As you enter her from behind, you can control the pace and depth of thrusting. This position is comfortable, for longer sexual sessions with lots of sensual touching and kissing of the back of the neck. You can also get quite handsy and reach around and play with her nipples, or even reach down and add extra stimulation to her clitoris from the front.

Kneeling Together

This position is a great variation on regular Doggy-Style. In it, you enter her from behind as you would normally, only then both of you straighten your torsos straight up. This position means her hands are free to be more active than they would normally be during Doggy-Style, which can enable her to more easily play with her clitoris or even reach down and grab your balls.

Bent-Over Standing Doggy

If you’re up for a challenge, try this standing twist on Doggy-Style – it takes some serious flexibility and commitment, but it can be a fun and exciting way to get it on in public. Plus, this position is perfect if you’re looking to avoid detection – she can crouch behind a bush or parked car for cover.

The Cowboy

We’re going to take a look at the Cowboy position next, which is a variant of the Backdoor Planking position that gives you a great opportunity to ride over her ass. Your partner should help by raising her butt up to give you a better angle, and a pillow can help you get the perfect fit.

While Missionary and Doggy styles typically mean that the man is in control, positions that feature the woman on top allow your partner a lot more control over the speed, intensity and angle of penetration. They can also offer the possibility of both of you facing each other or away from each other – and either partner can take control of the thrusting, making these positions a versatile option that offers pleasure for all.


The Cowgirl is one of the most popular positions because it gives both partners a wonderful view and excellent clitoral stimulation for the woman, while also allowing for quick penetration for the man. You can also use your hands to massage the woman’s breasts, adding an element of dominance if you want.

Reverse Cowgirl

The Reverse Cowgirl is a classic position that puts the man on the bottom and has the woman straddling him facing away. She can control the angle of penetration here, and the man gets a great view of her from behind. If you want to change things up, arch your knees up to give her something to easily push off of. If you want to make eye contact and get a view of her from the front, a mirror could also be your friend here, although maybe you just prefer this position.

Crouching Reverse Cowgirl

The Reverse Cowgirl is a popular sexual position that is usually done in a vertical T-position, with the man lying flat on his back and the woman bouncing up and down mostly upright. You can add a variation to this by having her lean forward so that her head is almost over top of your feet. By planting her arms onto the ground/bed or even grabbing your shins, she can really get a lot of leverage to move herself back and forth. This one really leaves her in control and lets you sit back, chill out and enjoy the ride.


Woman Lying On Top

This position is difficult on the woman’s part, but can be very intense and give her a lot of control in certain situations. The woman lies flat on her back with her hips or butt held by the man, while he partly props her up using her elbows and legs, arching her back and placing her shoulders and shoulder blades on his chest. Then she lowers herself up and down, controlling the depth of his movement. To help the woman avoid getting tired, the man supports her butt and takes some of the weight.

The Backseat Special

The backseat is a popular place to have sex because it is the most convenient spot to have sex when you are driving or parked, even if surrounded by inconvenient places to have sex, if you have tinted windows this can add to the excitement. The backseat is a cramped, semi-public place for sex, which can add to the thrill of it. For this, you’re probably better off sticking to the standard Cowgirl position, although Missionary might also be good option.

There are many ways to have great sex, and oral sex is always a pleasurable option. Not to mention, many men and women enjoy oral sex more than traditional intercourse. So what are your options when it comes to blowjobs, cunnilingus, and 69ing?

Lying For Him

Orgasm can be easily achieved by simply lying back and letting your partner take control. This allows her to control everything that’s going on, making it a great option for both of you, also great when waking up to this position as well.

Lying For Her

One good deed deserves another — this position is the gender-swapped version of the above one and allows for her to relax and him to get to work. It’s also perfect for adding some fingering to the mix to take her pleasure to the next level.

Standing For Him

This is a classic position for receiving oral sex, and it can be a great way to get a dick sucked if there isn’t a bed available. It also allows you to play more dominant or role-play, depending on your partner’s preferences. You can also experiment with different types of thrusts by holding her head and doing her mouth.

Standing for her

Sometimes you might have to try something a bit different when there’s no bed available. You can kneel down between your partner’s legs and have her spread them a bit. This way, you can have oral sex without having to use a bed.

Face-Sitting For Him

When you face-sit, it can be really hot because it makes your oral sex more dominant and submissive. You can either lie your partner down on their back and prop their head up with a pillow or lean their shoulders against a wall. Then, start thrusting into their mouth. It’s important to go slowly here, because you don’t want to make your partner uncomfortable. Talk to your partner beforehand to figure out what boundaries you want to set and what signal means you’re going to stop. Then, during the act, pay attention to their body language and cues to figure out your rhythm and how deep you can go.

Face-Sitting For Her

Face-Sitting for her, this position is especially enjoyable. You lie flat on your back with your partner straddling your face. She can then lower her crotch onto your head, providing a comfortable and sensual way to eat her out. For men, this position can be a bit more comfortable, as well as giving you a sense of female dominance. You also get to experience the taste, heat, and moisture of your partner’s vagina.

The 69

The 69 position is a thrilling experience for both partners. It can also be enjoyed by any combination of two people. If you are lying on top of your partner, typically woman on top is easier, as each of you can pleasure the other orally. An intense position, the 69 also tests your concentration and your ability to pleasure your partner while she is pleasuring you. Play around with different configurations to find one that is most comfortable for both of you.

Sideways 69

Another fun option for 69ing is to turn it on its side. While sideways 69ing requires a bit more effort than the upright version, it’s a great option if lying on top of each other is tricky for whatever reason, and offers a fun new spin – literally – on a classic oral position.

Upside-Down 69

Not content with turning the 69 sideways, some people like to amp it up a level by doing the Upside-Down 69. This variation, which is not for beginners, also requires some specific hardware, as you’ll need a chin-up bar or some sort of equivalent bar for the top person to hang from. Make sure you can handle being upside down before trying this, as it can be a lot of fun. Alternate who is upside down each time you do it to keep things interesting.

Sideways Oral

Lie on your side with your partner positioned so that her head is in line with your crotch. She should then be on her side and can hold on to your legs for balance and leverage. From here, it’s up to you; you can totally sit back and let her do all the work, or provide the thrusting motion yourself. This is an incredibly comfortable and relaxed position for both of you. Your partner may need to tuck her legs in to prevent them from overhanging the bed (if that’s where you’re at) or even place a chair next to the bed if you’re a taller couple so that her legs aren’t overhanging from the bed.

Elevated Cunnilingus

If you’re on a table, a window sill, or a countertop, basically anything she can lay down on, your partner can be in a lot of different positions to give you oral sex. If she’s kneeling or standing, you can be in a similar position. This is a great way to get it on in public, because you don’t need a soft surface to start.

The Dragon

Sort of a reversal of the woman-on-top face-sitting position, this one is great for guys who love cunnilingus but who still want to be a bit more dominant. Typically, this one starts with the woman lying on her back, her partner can then pick her lower body up and support it while her head and shoulders remain in place. This position is also great for analingus, as it provides the giver full access to the woman’s crotch and anus. 

The Seated Blowjob

There’s no doubt that getting a blowjob while seated is one of the most enjoyable and sensual experiences a couple can do together. Not only is it possible to achieve a lot of the same stimulation with this position that you would get from having the person kneeling in front of you, but it also allows for a great deal of flexibility and creativity when it comes to the techniques used. Whether your partner kneels in front of you or angles her body slightly sideways, the possibilities are endless and the result will always be a highly satisfying experience.

Doggy-Style Oral

Unlike most other oral sex positions, doggy style is mostly just good for performing on women. Get her down on all fours, either propping herself up on her knees and hands or knees and elbows. You then either get down on all fours and pleasure her orally from behind, or have her on all fours next to the edge of the bed so you can either stand or kneel on the ground to make it easier on your back. This position is also great for giving her analingus.

Whether you have a bed at your disposal or not, sometimes you just want to have sex standing up. Standing sex is a great option if you’re in the mood for something that burns a few more calories, and if your heights line up just right, standing sex means you have a lot of freedom of movement. It’s also probably the most common go-to for public sex because it typically doesn’t require anything except two bodies (and you can still be wearing most of your clothes).

Standing Sex

Grab her thighs and then have her wrap her legs around you while hanging off your shoulders. Make sure you’re strong enough to pull this one off and then penetrate her. You’ll probably have to lift her up higher and then slowly slide her down onto your penis. We would add a big note of caution here: make sure you have a very firm grip and take this slowly and safely, as there is the potential for injury here if you drop your partner – for both of you.

Standing Sex Against the Wall

Movie sex scenes often involve two people passionately embracing for the first time, and since they’re too lustful to make it to the nearest bed, they instead get it on against a nearby wall. This is a strenuous exercise, but the wall means that one person is not supporting all of the other person’s weight. It also allows for a lot of passionate kissing and face-to-face time.

Standing From Behind

This position is great for public sex because it’s easy to do, and it can also be done with anal. Both of you should stand, with her leaning against a vertical object (like a wall, tree, or desk). You can enter her from behind, or she can lean against a vertical object and you can enter her that way.

Woman On the Table Sex

For really intense sexual thrusting, having your feet firmly planted on the ground gives you a lot of stability and power. Lying flat on the table (or any roughly waist-high platform) can also work, but having your partner’s butt pushed right up to the edge or even overhanging a tiny bit can be even more exciting. Then enter her and you’ll see how much power and stability you have from being in a standing position. As for her legs, there are a few options; you can have her wrap them around you, you could have them hanging down or up against your shoulders, or you could even have her lie on her side for a different angle of penetration.

Criss Cross

This position makes your penis feel twice as big as it actually is, which can lead to better sexual performance. Locate a surface that is roughly at hip-height, and lay your partner down on it. Enter her, then lift and cross her legs so that an “X” is formed. This will allow you to more easily hit her G-spot.

Pile Driver

Getting into this position can be pretty challenging, and it’s not likely to last very long. To get into it, your partner should lie down on their back, then raise their legs up slowly until their torso is off of the floor. Slowly raise her butt up so that it’s above her head, and then straddle her, using up and down motion to enter your partner. You’ll have to lean forward somewhat in order to position your penis at the right angle, which will take some bending.

Bridge And Tunnel

This position is best suited for couples who are well-sync and want to try something new. The partner in front spreads their legs and bends over, placing her hands on the floor. The other partner then slides in from behind, holding onto her hips or thighs. This position can be a great way to burn a few calories.

The Sitting V

Let her lean back on a table or counter with enough room for her to lean back, and with her butt slightly hanging off the edge. Support her back with your hands, and then have her place one leg on your shoulder, and then the other. Have her grab behind your shoulders for extra support. Then you can enter her. You control the thrusting in this position, because it is generally more difficult to maintain her balance than it is to simply thrust. This is a tough position, requiring flexibility on her part, and it is made tougher if she has short legs or you have a long torso. But if she can pull it off, she deserves a pat on the back.

There are a variety of different positions you can use for sex, based on your partner’s height and size. If you and your partner don’t match up well in height, sitting or kneeling positions can be more comfortable and intimate, while also offering some new and unique options for getting it on.

Seated Sex

If bedroom sex isn’t giving you the thrills you’re looking for, why not try some good old fashioned chair sex? Sit in a sturdy chair with both of your feet on the floor, and let her straddle you. She can then slowly lower herself on top of you, or just grind on your privates.

The Lover

With “The Lover,” the man sits at the end of the bed, on a couch or in this case below a chair, providing deep penetration and extra skin-to-skin contact. This position allows for intense sexual pleasure for both partners.

Kneeling Sex

Kneeling sex can be a rewarding experience if it’s done correctly. You can find a cushion, pillow, or yoga mat to take some of the strain off your knees, and this position is best if the man is not too much taller than the woman. If you’re 6’3″ and your partner is 5’5″, this might not work. You kneel, placing your left outstretched knee to the left of the woman and your right leg behind you. The woman does the same. To get penetration, you should try to lower your pelvis beneath your partner’s and slip your penis into her vagina. Once you’re inside her, this position becomes easier, as she rocks her pelvis back and forth until you both get off. If your balance is good enough, there’s also potential for a bit of anal or nipple play with your hands.

Kneel & Deliver

Another kneeling position that doesn’t require a bed or even a nice surface to do your thing on. You get on your knees, resting her ass on your hamstrings. Have her sit down slowly, until you enter her, with her wrapping her arms around you for added balance. While this position may look uncomfortable, the angle and stability actually mean this one can be quite intense, while providing eye-to-eye contact and a “do-it-anywhere” convenience.

The Bridge

Kneeling between her legs gives you a wonderful view of her breasts and torso, while demanding a lot of her physically. By creating an arch with her arms and legs, she’s unable to do too much moving, aside from keeping herself upright, so your job is to grab her ass and start pulling her hips back and forth to get the necessary motion to make the whole thing work. Supporting her ass with your hands will also take some of the strain off her arms.

The Butterfly

She lays on her back with her hips off the bed, giving him easier access to her vagina. Her legs can either be wrapped around his hips, her feet can be flat on the floor, or she can have her knees bent up to her breasts, allowing her to control the angle of penetration with her hips and both of you have hands free to explore one another and make sure the clitoris isn’t ignored. Plus, he can control the depth and speed of penetration that works for them both. This position also promotes intimacy through eye gazing and kissing and it promotes communication because you see one anther’s responses to stimulation.

Yab Yum

Also known as the “Seated Lotus” position. This type of sex requires a lot of intimacy and patience; you won’t get a lot of intensity or deep thrusting. To get into it, you sit down facing each other and wrap your legs around each other. She should slide her butt forward a bit until you can slide inside her. Probably not the best type of sex to try on a first date, but it can be rewarding all the same.

Sex is a diverse, wild thing, and there are many different positions that don’t fit neatly into any of the six standard categories. This list includes a section for all the weird, wild, wet and wacky positions that simply don’t belong anywhere else. Are you looking for something a little bit different, to add some spice to your relationship, to cross a few more things off your bucket list? This is the section for you.

The Wheelbarrow

This position is great for strengthening your upper body, back and leg muscles. Unless you have superhuman strength, it’s probably a bit of a transition position that won’t lead to lasting sex or orgasm. Have her start on all fours, and then lift her pelvis until her vagina is in line with your penis. Grip her around her hips firmly and thrust into her. Rather than having her try to do pushups or you pulling her back and forth, both of which are likely to tire you out, do the work with your hips. The position can actually be quite interesting for her clitoris.

The Surfboard

This position is perfect for couples who want to enjoy a relaxing bath together. With enough space and gentle lighting, it can be enjoyed by both partners comfortably. The male partner sits in the tub with his legs stretched out, and the female partner gets to work by sitting on top of him. The water in the tub can wash away any natural lubricant, but the feeling of the water between the bodies is sure to be a pleasure for both partners.

Sex In a Hot Tub

Would it make sense for the hot tub to be used for sexual activities? It’s a natural place for intimacy, and with jets that can help stimulate a woman, and benches all around for the man to sit on, it would make for an ideal setting for sex. Remember, though, to keep things moving quickly – hot tubs can be relaxing but try not to go over 20 minutes as the heat can drain you.


This position can be a bit challenging, but it’s definitely worth trying out if you’re looking for something new and exciting. It involves intertwining your legs together and placing yourself at a 90-degree angle to your partner, so it’s not the easiest thing to do. However, if you’re up for a challenge, this is definitely the position for you. Plus, since there’s little eye contact involved and the position places your heads far away from each other, you can’t really use your hands to pleasure your partner. This can be a little tough, but if you’re a couple who is experienced in the bedroom, you should definitely give it a try.

Scissor Straddle

Though scissoring can be a real thing, this position is more comfortable and allows for more control for the man. Perfect for a woman who wants to let herself go, this position puts the man in full control and can be very exciting. The effort is always worth it, and this position is perfect for those who want to test their leg muscles.

The T-Position

This position is great for those who want a little less action and a little more intimacy. By lying on your side, you can easily penetrate her from the side, giving her a unique and intimate experience. Additionally, because men’s penises are often wider than they are tall, this position can help you target her clitoris better.

The Spork

This position is a cross between the T-position and the spooning position, and it features the woman on her back while her partner, lying on his side, cradles her and penetrates her. It’s a very cuddly position that allows for a decent amount of tenderness, plus it’s a great way to switch things up if your partner’s most comfortable on her back and you’re sick of missionary-style positions.

The Sit N’ Spin

This position uses the vibrations of your washer or dryer to add an extra dimension to your sexual experience. Sit on the edge of the machine while it’s running (spin cycle works best on a washer), and then have her mount you in Cowgirl position, or with her legs wrapped around. From there, she should feel the vibrations running through your penis, making her orgasm all the better. Best of all, once you’re done, you’ll have clean clothes to change into.


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