Sex Art Sex Science, Does Size Matter?

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Does size matter? There is a conspiracy that Porn actors are often well-hung, and we wish they were not, because almost half of guys mistakenly link size to sexual satisfaction and worry they are too small. So, we set out to discover if anyone knew how big a normal erection was, and Elaine came up with some fantastic research which answers most of the questions we could possibly have.

The research suggests that although 85% of women are fine with the size of their partner’s penis, between 45% and 68% of all men wish they had a bigger erection. There is a fab quote by Zilbergeld to the effect that,

“penises in fantasyland come in only three sizes—large, gigantic, and so big you can barely get through the front door.”

Typical that they don’t bother to ask us what we like! So, has anyone ever done enough measurements to know what is normal? For cocks, I mean, not doors?

In 2002, after compiling results from various sources, Templer found that a typical penis length is about 8.5 cm if you’re bored, and he’s 6 inches (15.2 cm) if you’re curious. I came up with some numbers that are.

Apparently the men involved lied about the length of their cocks, so another group took real measurements and found that the average erect penis length (MEPL) was 5.3 inches (13.5 cm) and 1 inch shorter.

wait, there’s more. A second group found that 68% of men had a MEPL of 4.6 to 6.0 inches (11.7 cm to 15.2 cm), 13.5 – 3.8 to 4.5 inches (9.7 cm to 11.4 cm), another 13.5 – 6.1 to 6.1 cm. Calculated. It was 6.8 inches (15.5 cm and 17.3 cm). Only 2.5% of men said he had an erection greater than 6.9 inches. (17.5 cm) in length, another 2.5% were less than 3.7 inches (9.4 cm). The latest paper contains a summary of measurements taken from multiple studies, confirming an average standing height of 5.1 to 5.5 inches (12.95 to 13.97 cm).

A Canadian study found that men also care about length when it’s soft.

There was a very good study in 2002 where 174 women were asked whether the length or girth of their erect cock was important. Only 21% care about length, and only 33% care about girth. The rest thought neither was important or could not explain why they were being asked. 

Tabby, do you think that movies with big cocks only rank fifth for women who watch porn?

Elaine, There is a fun study where they asked girls what size of cock they would prefer for a one-night stand, or for a long term-relationship. According to the study, the majority of girls (68%) would prefer a cock that is slightly larger than average. Only 32% of the girls surveyed said they would prefer a cock that is smaller than average.


With 3D models, you can choose the size and length of your penis for long-term or casual sex with a definite preference for fatter penises.

Tabby, I understand that you’re interested in big, burly penises, but in reality, you’re drawn to guys who are comfortable with their bodies. Your previous boyfriend didn’t feel comfortable getting undressed in front of you, leading to frustration on your part. He may have been embarrassed about his small penis, but thankfully, there are other options available.


I thought the way things were going looked fine to me, but I had to keep reassuring him for weeks. In the end, I used to pull his pants down and give him a kiss on the end of it first and he seemed to feel a lot better about it after that.

After I had a few too many experiences having oral sex, I realized that it’s okay. I was only nineteen when we started doing it, and we learned a lot together. Has anyone ever made you feel like you weren’t big enough?


No, medics just look like that. This confirms what Janet Lever’s paper shows, that only 6% of women believe that men have smaller penises.

Hey, it’s interesting to know that only a small percentage of women are worried about the size of their partner’s cock, but at least 45% of guys are convinced that their cock is too small. This is crazy! Do people ever discuss sex?


The average length of the vagina at rest is just 10 cm, or less than 4 inches, and the average orifice measures 3.2 cm, or 1.25 inches.

What happens after a man is around four inches long and one and a quarter inches wide?


We know it stretches, so we’re not bothered by how big guys are. Plus, the average vibrator is only a little over six inches long, so that’s telling us something, right?

Elaine: I know it’s hard to believe, but if someone lies on their back with an erect penis and points it upward, the measurement from the skin on their tummy to the tip of the helmet is the correct measurement.

There’s no need to add on a few inches for luck – getting the perfect size is the best way to ensure your cock has a comfortable and safe environment.

Elaine: No, I don’t think so. And even if they want to measure the length of the softest fabric, the same principles still apply–only they won’t be looking at any of the pictures on this website.

Is there a reason why so many men seem to be preoccupied with their size? If you ask me, I don’t think that’s really necessary.


Many of them equate erection size with masculinity, sexual ability, and prowess.

Tabby, sex can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite complicated. Wouldn’t it be easier to just avoid it altogether?

It’s hard to believe, but there are still a lot of places where sex education isn’t tailored specifically to meet the needs of women. This means that directors and website owners are missing out on a lot of valuable information when it comes to showing sex that isn’t all about big, muscular actors. This can turn women off and make men even more anxious.

We think SexArt has done a great job of highlighting what works for women in the past, but we believe there is still room for new actors to excel in the art of sex, rather than just impress other men.


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