Installing AdultTime on FireTVstick

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Watch over 55,000+ adult movies and scenes, installing AdultTime on your FireTVStick or device, with 299 channels of content to pick from. currently has two of them Pure Taboo and 21 Naturals but we will be adding more soon4K content and daily updates, watching Adult Time on the big screen is the best way to watch porn.

Installing Adult Time on FireTVstick is a breeze

Adulttime app can be downloaded, installed & tested 100% FREE

Because AdultTime is a porn app you won’t find it by simply searching for it on your FireTVstick, it will need to be side-loaded.

It’s not as easy as installing an app from the Amazon app store but isn’t difficult either, simply follow the steps below to install the AdultTime app.


Before you install the app you will need to prepair your Fire TV for sideloading

The first thing required before installing any app that isn’t in the app store is to turn on apps from unknown sources.

From the Home screen navigate all the way to the right and select the gear to access your system menu, navigate down and select My Fire TV.

Navigate down to Developer Options and turn On Apps from Unknown Sources, this will make sure the AdultTime app installs correctly.

Press the home button on your remote to return to the main menu, navigate to Find and to Search.

Search for the Downloader app, and download it, once downloaded the app should automatically install.

Once installed you have the option to open the app, please do so now.

Make sure to allow Downloader the access it needs to download files to your FireTV.

A welcome message will pop up just click OK, within the Navigation bar type:

Downloader will download the AdultTime app and prompt to install, click the install button, an Android app install popup will display, select Install.

Once installed a popup at the bottom right corner of the screen will display, you can press the menu key on your remote to load the app, or you can click Done and delete the downloaded file as it is no longer required after the install.

When you first load the AdultTime app it will provide you with a pairing code, on your phone or tablet head over to:

To activate the app and link your account, if you don’t have an account you can select Skip and view trailers as opposed to the full movies and activate your account at a later time.

Congratulations, you installed AdultTime on your FireTV stick, now if you still have not made up your mind to subscribe to AdultTime, how about 25% off?

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